About Us

Consulting firm and Environmental Expertise Worldwide

A Canadian technical consulting and environmental specialty services company, assisting industrial, governmental and public clients to manage and minimize their impact on the environment, by using world-class expertise and excellent science and engineering.

 What Are Our Strengths?

  • we are problem solvers;
  • we offer unique solutions to difficult problems;
  • we use state-of-the-science tools; and
  • we have excellent contacts with all levels of government and industrial associations

What is Unique About Us?

  • we can use the best science to get answers focused on client needs; and
  • we look at the big picture before trying to solve the problem in front of us.

What Do We Do Better Than Everybody Else?

  • we understand and use sophisticated models to get realistic results;
  • we integrate model outputs and monitoring data to get the right information for less cost;
  • we talk to the model developers so that we understand the strengths and weaknesses of models;
  • we communicate with our clients so we understand clearly what is needed; and
  • we are the expert’s expert.

SGETEC around the World

SGETEC staffs have extensive experience working with international aid and governmental agencies including: World Bank, European Development Bank, UNEP, World Health Organization (WHO), Iranian Department of Environment and Wetlands International.